Hope Center is a multi-purpose center. It is a center for people with disabilities. As more than the traditional center, it is multifaceted, unique, and designed to help every individual with a disability. Some of the educational services as well as the fun activities that are part of Hope Center focus on providing an accommodating as well as providing a specific purpose in helping those with disabilities.

Some of the services offered by Hope Center are catered to different individuals of all ages with disabilities. One of the services is designed for children with special needs and their families. As part of this early intervention program, children learn how to improve their social, cognitive skills. The early intervention program also aims to improve neurological disorders, motor or speech delays, genetic disorders, cognitive delays, feeding difficulties, medically fragile children, and premature/low birth weight children. Hope Center's plan for children with disabilities is to implement a plan designed around every child's specific needs.

Children with special needs are also given specific programs to help them grow as an individual. Some of the services in included are developmental assessment reports, developmental monitoring, direct, hands-on intervention activities, family or caregiver training, emotional support and counseling, and other services. These services are not only designed to help the child, it is also designed to provide emotional support for families with children that have disabilities. There are also group activities for families to meet with similar families to share and connect, to provide a community for these families.

Hope Center also provides community based day services. These services allow for adults with disabilities to participate in instructional classes, work preparation skills, part-time work, recreational activities, as well as practice communication. There are also other community services, such as Community Action Network, that provides functional training in community settings as well as ways to teach safety and health, among the many other service that this program provides.

There are also mental health services, work services, community living services, as well as senior services. Senior services, in particular, provides arts and crafts and other activities. It caters to retired seniors looking for retirement alternatives and be part of a community. This program also offers assessments, clubs, fitness, and transportation to other communities. While there are many more services offered, these specific service offered by Hope Center demonstrates the quality of care offered to individual with a disability.